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MLCP Pipes

SKU: GKP-PEX20-50 - GKP-PEX32-50

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The MLCP pipe combines layers of PEX and aluminum for flexibility, strength, and efficient heat transfer. It is durable, resistant to temperature fluctuations, and suitable for various plumbing applications.

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A Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) is a type of plumbing pipe that combines layers of different materials to provide enhanced performance. It consists of an inner layer of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), an intermediate layer of aluminum, and an outer layer of PEX. This combination offers several advantages. The PEX layers provide flexibility, making the pipe easy to install and bend around obstacles. The aluminum layer provides strength, stability, and improved heat transfer efficiency. The outer PEX layer protects against corrosion and provides insulation. MLCP pipes are commonly used in plumbing systems for their durability, resistance to temperature and pressure fluctuations, and resistance to corrosion and scaling. They are suitable for various applications, including hot and cold water supply, radiant heating, and cooling systems.

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20mm, 25mm, 32mm



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